Posted: November 1 2018
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                   Making the FUN begin by Showcasing Our Club Members
  Quick Highlights   Modular Nights Nov 8 & 22 2018 @ CP Hockey Arena 6pm to 9pm         
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MOTTO: Members make a Model Rail Club happen - Showcasing Our Members make the FUN happen. This is the place where Our Members have fun running ALL Scales of Model Trains.  NO Module is required, just come out and try your trains on our Modular Nights. If you like us, we ask that you join the club.   This hobby is for ALL AGES and is a great way for socializing also, with our Members meeting at Daily Scoops every Wednesday at 9am and Saturday at Gourmet on Highway #7 at 7am beside Dairy Queen. Come on out and talk trains.
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Web/Media Manager Message: Our Primary Mission, is to promote the wonderful Model RR Hobby by Showcasing Our Club Members with their personal portrayal of Modular Modules in both HO and N Scales. We also enjoy participating at various Train Shows throughout our season, with testimonial of these shows are throughout this Website. This Homepage Theme are samples of HO2GO & N T-Trak Modules on our club operating nights twice a month. 
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