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Arnprior Group:
MVAR Members: - Doug Lake, Earl McLellan, and Bob Ring-Ade are fairly active in Arnprior Ontario, and the following pages will show their dedication to the model railroad hobby. 
Back Wall: Doug Lake, David Overholt, Earl McLellan and Gaston Moreau - Missing Bob Ring-Ade
On Saturday February 18 2017, I conducted a Breakfast Meeting at the Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior Ontario. The purpose was to collect information from the MVAR chaps. Gaston Moreau on the far right, was invited as he was the organizer of a Train Show in the past years called “White Pine Festival”. UPDATE: On the weekend of June 3 & 4 2017 at The Nick Smith Arena in Arnprior, The 3rd Annual Model Train Show was held with almost 2,000 people attending. Highlights of the show can be found on this Website under “Show Highlights” banner. Our MVAR Club experienced show both module scales N T-Trak as well as HO2GO together. We also had Rick Osborn with his O scale as well as John Soehner with his personal HO scale layout. Great success
Doug Lake Earl McLellan DOUG DOUG EARL EARL previous previous Bob Ring-Ade