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MAY DINNER Meeting is up COMING fast So its time to get CREATIVE for JUDGING  at the Year End Dinner Meeting 2018 TALENTS are within you. ENTER to WIN 1st Prize is $50 plus the Trophy 2nd Prize is $25
Added BONUS - A Trophy for 1st Prize Winner  Crafted by: Mike Smithson “Contest Diorama or Module” OPEN TO CLUB MEMBERS ONLY
So go now and tell ALL your Friends and Family that the MVAR CLUB MEMBERS will be putting on an excellent exhibition of their Clubs Modular Trains. This is a experience for the Young and Old to enjoy, as our Members showcase their talents on their Modules. The Modular concept began with the Japanese, who for lack of storage space constructed individual Modules which when plugged together created a train layout instantly. Today our club has a group in N Scale Trains called N T-Trak and another group in HO Scale called HO2GO. The diversity of this concept has made Our Club exciting since 2010 as we no longer have to do Layout Tours at Members houses but rather have ever changing layout twice a month at our Clubs regular scheduled Modular Nights. So if you like us to join is just $20 for the year. Our Season runs September to May with Dinner & BBQ from time to time Extra.
These are a few of our Favourite Things for YOUR Enjoyment
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