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THE ARENA 75 Neelin Street Carleton Place, Ontario (No Club meetings usually in December, June, July or August) Note: If the arena ice is out  We can meet June, July & August for Modular Night on  Tuesday’s Only unless otherwise specified   OTHER  Charge $5.00 ea. for guests at the BBQ in June.  Reservations are required for members and guests for planning purposes  DINNER MEETINGS Doors open at 6:00pm and dinner served at 6:30pm at Ashton Church if selected Membership Dues  The dues include - MVAR Club, N T-Trak & HO2GO Modular Sub’S  Season runs from September to June (See details under direction map)
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Our Club now has TWO Modular Nights (Small Room) Unless otherwise specified to all Club Members by Email Communication, the following shall occur (Note: NO Modular Nights in December or June) Location: Carleton Place Arena 6:30 to 9:00pm Every 2nd Thursday of each Month N T-Trak shall have command of the room with HO2GO to fill VOID if necessary Every 4th Thursday of each Month HO2GO shall have command of the room with N T-Trak to fill VOID if necessary If a Speaker comes forward, it must be negotiated by the Modular Night Leaders John Allen for N T-Trak and Mike Smithson for HO2GO, to give Module Night up. Layouts for the particular Module Nights should be provided by leaders as to avoid any confusion as to who is showing that particular evening