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PURPOSE of this page is to provide a listing that deals with those items pertaining to Club Structure as not to conflict with our main objectives of Model Trains and Showcasing our Membership at Modular Nights and Various Train Show Events. This page and others that follows was created with the purpose of un-cluttering the Homepage from last season as well as allow expansion as our club continues to progress over the year.
Did You Know:    THE  ROUNDHOUSE  of CPR Today as one ventures through the Community of Carleton Place Ontario, you will  see The Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers Limited. This building  which has this established business in it, was a former Canadian Pacific Railway  (CPR) Roundhouse and Machine Shops.  So a Roundhouse was originally constructed by Canadian Northern Railway  around 1852, to service and store locomotive engines after their daily trips into  Ottawa. This current roundhouse began in 1890 with 5 stalls and eventually  increased to 36 stalls in 1897 by J W. Munro of Pembroke as the Transcontinental  Railway was established connecting coast to coast.  At one time this facility employed 200 men, but closed in 1936 as the CPR built a  new Roundhouse that was required in Smiths Falls to accommodate all the  locomotives on it’s new double track system into Montreal. In 1939 this roundhouse  was officially closed. Many artifacts was left behind like a drawing of the Roundhouse Passenger Station and main line. It cna be seen a small Museum on site.  In 1940 the Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers Limited, purchased the building  and shipped wool in by rail for a time from out west. Today one can see the remains  on these rails embedded in the concrete floor.
Our Badge was taken from the early  CPR Script Paint Scheme by founding Members