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Mississippi Valley Associated Railroaders (MVAR) Est. 1987
MOTTO: Members make a Model Rail Club happen - Showcasing Our Members make the FUN happen                   This is the place where Our Members have fun running ALL Scales of Model Trains 
Presidents Message: We are a progressive Model Railroading Club, which is achieved by showcasing the many talents of our Membership through this NEW Website.  As the current President of this Model RR club, I encourage you to drop by often.     Dave Overholt
Webmaster Message: Our Club Website is constantly on the move by adding new events, and which is nicely Showcasing the many talents of our current members participating at various Show Events. We are a Modular Club primarily running both HO and N Scales.   We have two members with two stand alone set-ups with special modules showcased - A Japanese Layout in N Scale, and a Hotel Module in HO Scale. Many other scales are available at various show events. All of our videos taken at these events are now YouTube based if you prefer to view rather than this Website. It is “mvartube”. Improving this Website during the months between July and September, will allow expansion under the various categories as we regroup for our 2017-2018 season beginning in September. Not shown for messaging purposes here, will be the familiar photos as shown of current homepage
Posted: June 23 2017
Webmaster: John D. Morin
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Have a GREAT SUMMER   Memberships begins September 28 2017 our General Meeting for our 2017-2018 season. Hope you can join us.
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