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OPEN HOUSE February 17 2018: Continues
Our MVAR Club has gone Modular in a big way. We have the two scales represented N & HO which Our members now enjoy meeting twice a month at the Carleton Place Hockey Arena. So the N scale is called N T-Trak and it is estimated we have approximately 50 modules between our Membership. The other scale is HO and it is estimated they have about 31 modules between our Membership. This system is called HO2GO which is unique to our club and is expanded on this Website.
German N T-Trak Layout. This was a Visitor to our normal North American Modules. He is coming back to our April 15th 2018 show at the Home and Fashion Show being held April 13 to 15 2018 at the Carleton Place Hockey Arena HO2GO Modular Layouts N T-Trak Near & HO2GO Far N T-Trak Modules Overall Room View