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Model Scales:
N Scale - 1:160 Gauge: 0.353�" (8.97mm) The "N" is short for nine millimeter (although the actual gauge is 8.97mm).   In N scale 2mm is approximately 1 foot. N scale is the second most popular scale worldwide. Many modelers select N scale as an alternative to HO scale because  it allows more complex layouts to be built in the space available to them. Traditional thinking is that N scale trades detail for space. However, modern manufacturing  and painting processes are producing N scale models with surprising levels of detail today.  Photo by John D. Morin  of a N Scale Boxcar  on a T-Trak Module HO Scale 1:87.1 Gauge: 0.649"� (16.5mm) HO has the broadest range of products from the greatest number of manufacturers.   In HO scale 3.5mm equals 1 foot. The designation HO stands for "Half O"Of course if it was actually one-half of O scale it would be1/96th, but because HO is actually  a metric based scale and O is based on English units of measure the fractions become awkward. The model railroading industry says HO is "approximately half O".   Photo by John D.Morin showing comparisons of  Boxcars in HO and N Scales previous previous