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On May 25 2017 many of our members gathered in Ashton, Ontario for Our Club year end Dinner Meeting which was held at The Ashton Christ Church Anglican. The ladies Auxiliary made everyone an excellent Roast Beef Dinner with Dessert. Our Presentation Program, was done by John Soehner on his recent trip to train spotting areas in the USA. See it under SPEAKERS CORNER. The evening also hosted Trophy Night and there were two modules submitted.
Module #1 A “N” T-Trak with battery operation in mind consisting of The Main Club Tracks with power source a Foundry & a Scratch Built Distribution Centre Submitted by: John Morin 
TROPHY WITH PRIZE 1st = $50 and 2nd = $25 By: Mike Smithson
Module #2 A “HO to GO” The Early Days Almonte, Ont. showing a scratch built Almonte Train Station setting    Submitted by: Norm Futter
These modules by both participants, represents the model skill’s within this great MAVR Club
1st Place Winner