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My name is Earl McLellan. I have always been interested in trains and model trains. My grandfather and two of his bothers worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), So I always heard many stories about “The Rails”. My railway set-up is in a 1950’s and 1960’s era. The name of my layout was taken from members of my family - Jacob, Earl Brenda and Will. For years I considered starting model railroading and finally did begin about three (3) years ago after talking to Doug Lake.  Doug and also Bob Ring-Ade, has helped me a great deal to set-up my layout, which is detailed with farms, a lake, hills, a bridge, and a tunnel. I also have antique trains in “O” scale which are on a portable table. These trains include an electric Marx and Loionel trains and a wind-up Thornby tank engine with cars. I also have old Dinky toys and a live steam engine which I run on this table. The hobby is very relaxing and rewarding. I enjoy it even more when my sons worked on it with me. My youngest son Will, has helped a lot with painting grass and ballasting. In addition, I have built a ride-on train with a steam engine tender and a wagon. This was built with a ride-on lawn tractor and is also a work in progress.
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Earl McLellan:
Earl is a relative newcomer to our club who models in HO.
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