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OPEN HOUSE: We are a active club in the Diversity of Modular Modules showcasing our many members in their creations. We normally meet twice a month during our season but also like to show the wonderful hobby to the public. Model railroading that our club is involved in is “N” Scale and “HO” Scale. In 2010 the Modular Modules which began in Japan, was started in our club by the N Scale group and called N T-Trak. After a year or two these N Scalers encouraged the HO Scale group to get involved. The HO Scale group in 2014 or so started to develop a unique quick connect dis-connect system developed by members: Ben Sanders and Mike Smithson. So it was called HO2GO as latches join the modules as well as powering. It can be operational as little as 15 minutes as there are strick standards applied to each module. Layouts always different. (See further details under Model Railroading section).
A “L” shaped layout shown on left side of photo is the N T-Trak group  while in the background is our HO2GO group.
Video Link of show: