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To our many Followers:   Our Club Website has grown very rapidly over last season, with the mission of promoting our very exciting Model Rail Club FUN. The mandate of this Website is: Showcase OUR MEMBERS with their modules plus some Home Layouts, along with only postings from The Train Shows which OUR club attends. Any member can submit photos of an event with a limit of 6 photos accepted.   Railroading Topics does cover a vast area. If you have other materials not directly related to the Model Topics of our club, (outlined above), please kindly put them onto a Facebook Page or your Own Website and send a link to the Webmaster. Then that link then can be added onto this Website.        Mississippi Valley Associated Railroaders, which was Established in 1987 and now consists of many members, who are seriously promoting the hobby of Model Railroading in all scales. Our shows presented to the public a few times during our season which will be held normally at the Carleton Place Arena unless otherwise specified. These will be announced on FACEBOOK under Carleton Place Social Scene, as well as a NEW Facebook page: Mississippi Valley Associated Railroaders SHOW ADVERTISING. Posters distribution will be at key areas around the Town of Carleton Place, Ontario. If you have an event you would like us to attend, just send a email to make arrangements to our show Coordinator. See the contact section on this Website.    Our Modular Nights are designed to allow members to have FUN running trains. Due to expansion of our ever popular groups, we have NOW scheduled every 2nd Thursday of each month for N T-Trak and every 4th Thursday of the Month for HO2GO, with exception of December and June at the Carleton Place Arena 75 Neelin Street in board room on the main floor from 6:30 to 9pm. We welcome everyone even if you DO NOT have a module yet, bring out your trains. Only requirement if you continue, is to join the club for only $20.00 a year.        
WEBSITE TRANSITION:    The MVAR Homepage during our summer recess, has under gone massive changes. The MENU picks are now hidden behind the appropriate photo category but picks are the same content as last season. The theme of the Homepage is to show our Members HO2GO & N N-Trak Modules.      This is Fluid Website always changing. Please come back often and pass it onto your friends.
Thanks Webmaster
February 1 2018