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Since 1987, our Club Members are gathering for  Saturday Breakfast here starting at 7:30am to 9am.  Click on “Social Events” for more details. Did you know:    Train Museum @ Wool Growers Mr. Eric Bjergso, the owner of the Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers  Limited has a wonderful display of old railway artifacts within the Wool Shop.  Everything you can imagine about the Railroading Industry, you will certainly  find it inside this RR Museum or around the store. It has products For Sale  pertaining to the Company scattered amongst the RR artifacts.  Sadly railroads disappear and it is nice to have preservation to show our kids. Unfortunately other information has to be conveyed to us through the video media like those wonderful steamers which pounded the rails and made a Roundhouse a vital need in the Railroad to service them.    When the railway was being extracted between 2011 to 2013, I documented the process from just above Renfrew to Almonte Ontario until 2012. In April 2013 Carleton  Place had section track or scrap rail, which was then torn out by a excavator.  Mr. Bjergso wanted to have something to sell in his RR museum to remember thisand so  my work was a good fit providing Carleton Place History with video of extraction of the  CPR Transcontinental Railway. It has been very successful in sales.
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