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Members of our MVAR Club come together at the Carleton Place Arena from 6:30 to 9:00pm every 2nd Thursday of the month during our regular season (September to June). Here you will find the diversity of Members Craftsmanship as they perfect their modules in “N” and “HO” scales. All data specified in the following menu is from last season. Objective of this page is to allow room for expansion and un-clutter former Homepage.
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*  Clicking on this link, you will now  view Photos which are now SORTED  under members names. The Source  begins from “Module Day Run”  photos 2017 followed by other Club  Shows.   (All previous photo pages from  shows have now been removed  from this Website). INFO Modular HO2GO INFO Modular HO2GO INFO Modular N T-Trak INFO Modular N T-Trak Home Layouts Home Layouts Modular Nights @ Arena Modular Nights @ Arena Did you know:                                   Layout in the Passenger Station The Passenger Station which is now preserved today in Carleton Place Ontario, saw many  VIA RAIL passenger trains arrive from Ottawa to connect to points out west on the Canadian  Pacific Railroad and return from out west to go back to Ottawa. (See Rail History for last VIA).  After station closure, I believe the late Tony Percy a Member of MVAR, built the above layout  (Much bigger then) to display in the window.  Tony undertook the task of maintenace on it,  faithfully showing up every Saturday making sure the train set was lubricated and tuned so it  would run all day and without derailments, as people attended businesses then set up within  the station. Kids just loved to go and see the trains.  When Tony Percy passed on, nobody came forward from the club to do the maintenance on  it and so it went into the basement of the station sitting some 20 years. At the 2017  Lambs Down Festival, Mr Whitley a rail enthustist brought it out of the basement with the  along with interest of Gary Strike.  After being hidden away, it actually was operational at the show minus a section. Member Steve Mattey was very helpful that day to help iron out the bugs and running some of his HO rolling stock. Note a replica of the passenger station on this layout.  After the Lambs Down Festival a more permamant home for the layout was being sought  as part of our Carleton Place, Ontario Hertiage.
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