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New Sub-Groups (9 Sep 2010) Some time ago, two of our members starting building tiny modules in N Scale detailing each. This is an idea reported to have come from Japan, and is was called T-TRAK.  You can put a complete layout onto the dining room table by connecting several modules. Some other members became intrigued by this concept, and so a sub-group was formed to build these small modules. See what they have already accomplished, and follow their progress on Facebook. (Join Facebook and then you can access group once logged onto it.)  
T-TRAK Group: - John Allen
Specifications for T-Trak Club Modules: By John Allen: N Scale Modules A Typical Module showing connecting  tracks that are set in a designated  spacing/position to mate with another  members T-Trak modules. Click onto Specifications link by  John Allen to get all the details.
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These photos were taken at a modular night October 13 2016 Photos by Member: John D. Morin previous previous