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BILL OTTNEY  - Connecting Car Shop & Back Shops                               Yard Module - Continued

Figure 1: Looking at the bottom sides,  I had already slotted for the pits which I scratch built from Evergreen styrene. I also  cut channels for wiring which will be plug and play when I want to set up and taken  down. Connectors are in order from Walters. Figure 2: I cut two keys from maple,  ensuring that they are a snug fit so that they  stay put. Figure 3: Here are the bases pushed  together Figure 4: Laterel track alignment is perfect.  What looks like misalignment in the foreground  is vertical. I will add a shim to locating rail in  module to ensure that he vertical alignment is  perfect. Rails (suppied by Mike Smithson) are  expoxied in place with JB Weld Original.

Footnote: Regarding the pits - for whatever

reason, Walters does not supply the sides or floors.

Also the Car Shop base on the left did not even have

an opening for a pit which I thought was the pits so

I cut pit openings.

The pit floor is 5’6” from railhead, which would give

a worker of standard height, room to walk under a

freight car axle to access brake rigging and hardware.

The stairs are Central Valley Model Works detailing

set. I will paint yellow safety stripes around the pit

perimeter as well as on the stair nosings.

Walters does not include work platforms. I also have

diamond plate flooring and H and L channel on order

so that I can scratch build work platforms. Central

Valley has an excellent safety railing set which I will

attach to the platforms. I also have  a set of  Preiser

shop workers on order. 

Thank You Bill for sharing this wonderful build. I know I cannot wait to see it incorporated into the Club HO2GO circuit.
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