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Members HO2GO:
George Margita Alec Simpson
Bill Lawrence - 2 Grand Kids Modules
Yogi Sepp Bert McRory (former club corner) NEXT previous previous NEXT The DINER Theme  Train Crew of CP 9008  Submtted: October 12 2017 Submtted: October 12 2017 John Strickland John has been very busy modifying his Module layouts. For ease of transportation, he had to split the former large module into two sections. Unfortunate for  Ma & Pa they were evicted as the excavator did its work and had to relocate to a somewhere new camping location. A new Billboard was erected by the Bridge  and the second Billboard was tendered out for Special Advertising. (You have to see Module on Modular Night for that one).
January 25 2018  January 25 2018