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NEW Modular Nights:
   Our Modular Nights are held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Carleton Place Hockey Arena from 6:30 to 9:00pm, unless otherwise specified. This is a great team building event for our members, to join up their personal modules with others to create layouts that are never the same. For every 2nd Thursday of the Month, we have N T-Trak as the host with the HO2GO group filling in the empty room space. It is HO2GO as host on 4th Thursday.     Everyone is WELCOME to come out and run trains even though you do not have a module. If you like the experience which is hoped you do, you are requested to join the club for only $20 fee. NOTE:      Unless otherwise specified: June, July and August, Modular Nights will be held every 2nd TUESDAY (N T-Trak Host) and 4th TUESDAY      (HO2GO Host) of the month at The Carleton Place Arena 6:30pm to 9:00pm. This Confirmed by Steve Mattey (Club Bookings).          As The Webmaster, I attend these events and take many videos and photos of participating members which I will post here as the season unfolds.
The following are planned Calendar Modular Night sessions, which could be superseded by other Show Events.
VIDEOS: All videos taken at the above Modular Nights                 events will have a LINK posted onto this                 Website from its orginal posting on YouTube                 called “mvartube”
Over the SUMMER of 2018 - All Modular Nights are on TUESDAY unless otherwise specified to club members on Email
September 7 2017   (N T-Trak & HO2GO) September 21 2017 (General) (DID NOT ATTEND) November 9 2017  (N T-Trak) November 23 2017 (HO2GO) October 12 2017   (N T-Trak & HO2GO) October 26 2017 (General)
December 14 2017  (N T-Trak)
April 12 2018  (N T-Trak) April 26 2018 (HO2GO) February 8 2018  (N T-Trak) February 22 2018 (HO2GO) May 10 2018  (N T-Trak) ?? May 24 2018 Dinner ?? January 11 2018  (N T-Trak) January 25 2018 (HO2GO) March 8 2018  (N T-Trak) March 22 2018 (HO2GO) June 5 2018  (N T-Trak) June 19 2018 (HO2GO) July 10 2018  (N T-Trak) July 24 2018 (HO2GO) August 7 2018  (N T-Trak) August 21 2018 (HO2GO) February Modular Nights February Modular Nights January Modular Nights January Modular Nights March Modular Nights March Modular Nights April Modular Nights May Modular Night June Modular Nights July Modular Nights August Modular Nights
REMINDER: We like to start RUNNING TRAINS at 6:30pm, so bring Modules 20 minutes before.
These sessions maybe covered like our regular Modular Nights, but will not be published until September
Website Webmaster is taking a summer break
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BONUS: Open House