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N T-TRAK This is the Membership Division for all N Scale Rail Modellers. This began with the Japanese, who created MODULES to plug together to create a layout. This became really popular as space was a huge problem and this design allowed stacking. It took off and today many are doing these modules rather than fixed home layouts. MVAR has a Member who has created a true Japanese Module which you might see at our OPEN HOUSE
HO2GO This is the Membership Division for all HO Scale Rail Modellers. HO scale has always been the most popular for people getting into the hobby, both young or old. Following the Module Foot steps of our N T-Trak Group, the club began a ingenious plan to bring in diversity to the Module builds. Two of our members wanted to distance our system away from the traditional track joining by 6 inch sections of track. Latching the Modules with Members running power to them created the system which is very quick to connect and dis-connect hence the name: HO2GO Video Advertisement