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The “Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders” (OVAR) our Sister Club, had contacted the Webmaster of this site after the Arnprior Train Show in June 2017. They have offered MVAR some FREE pages on their Monthly Newsletter called “The Interchange” to express our views on what we do.                       This endeavor is to promote the wonderful world of Model Railroading. The partnership will allow not only their members to see a bit of our great MVAR Modular Nights, but it will also provide exposure of our great club to many other Modellers who follow OVAR. So here is the link to OVAR newsletters.
Article Submission: Articles are published by me from our Modular Nights to showcase our MVAR Club and activities. The editor of the OVAR Interchange has complete discretion as to when and how he publishes them. MEMBERS ONLY: If you would like to have your module hosted, kindly contact me to arrange collection of data.                          So - lets promote the wonderful world of Model Railroading. Some Topics to be cover in coming “The Interchange” Issues: 1. Introduction to Mississippi Valley Associated Railroaders and Modular Nights (Submitted & Published January 2018) 2. Fundamental of the HO2GO Modules (Power and Jig for track) 3. Building a Module - John Strickland from scratch with all the steps and materials involved 4. John Strickland Modules - Detail photos around them