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MVAR Rail Club Promoting Our Modular Railroading Fun for ALL Age Groups
At a glance this page will hopefully inform Members and our Friends just what is happening.  
September is normally our club Membership Drive. For the small cost of $40 per member and $40 for a family, these funds allows our  club to book the large room upstairs for either a combined Modular Night or for our club shows. We do periodically have expenses which this also covers. It would be appreciated that you promptly execute this task to our Treasurer Karl Fournier. The Membership List of PAID members will then be released shortly afterwards which forms email correspondance list.
Coming up on September 14 & 15 2019 to be exact, both our T-TRAK and HO2GO Modular Groups will be attending the Napanee Model Train Show. Both Days are from are 10am to 4pm at the Arena on the Fairgrounds 170 York Street. Please contact: John Allen or John Strickland if you have any questions.
Modular Nights are always FUN and starts now on every 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month. Steve Mattey unless otherwise specified, books the Boardroom for these events located at The Carleton Place Arena 6pm to 9pm at 75 Neelin Street. Please kindly RESPOND to all recipents of your intention to the Coordinators John Allen (T-TRAK) and John Strickland (HO2GO). They have to create the evening Layout.
In other news, John Strickland and Myself were speaking with the organizers of the Seaway Train Show held at Long Sault Arena on July 18th and 19th 2019 about our MVAR Club participation next year. They are very much interested as they required Exhibiters. John Strickland has released a Email on this event. Please kindly read and respond if you wish to. Footnote: The Arnprior Model Train Show maybe no more as Gaston Moreau is giving it up. October 2019 is drop dead date if nobody steps                  up to organize and continue it.
Elections for new officers will take place at a AGM which will be determined by Date and Location soon. If you wish to nominate a person we need for you to pass it along. At the moment send it to our current Chairman: Brian Hull.
If you have an item you think should be posted here, send me a Email: mvarwebmaster@gmail.com  Note: I will only post what is in current Month - September shown - October Pending.
It is each members responsility to make notes on our activities, as the Calendar has been dis-continued now. Modular Nights will be posted on the following Months Website Release. So September events will be on Octobers Website release ETC..