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Popular HO2GO:
    For many years, our HO scale Members were left out of the Module scene until it was encouraged by some Members of the ever popular N T-Trak group. This has broadened the teaming amongst the members with the participation of both scales at our very popular Modular Nights. Although there was HOTrak already in existence, two Members who created these Modular Designs wanted to have a system which was unique only to our MVAR Membership.      So here you will learn about the reasoning behind the name and some articles of Interest pertaining to it.
Members are encouraged to PARTICIPATE.  If you are in HO2GO, Sharing the hobby of your talents will happen by contacting the Webmaster to set it up.
This Photo is of a Module by Mike Smithson Concept of HO2GO Concept of HO2GO Building HO2GO Module Building HO2GO Module Showcase John Strickland HO2GO Showcase John Strickland HO2GO