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Clubs Participation - Our Modules at Various Shows
Throughout the year our club participates in the Community, by showcasing our members with their Train Modules. Listed here are shows to date. All videos contained within the page sections, are 1080p HDD and are compressed to conserve space on Web Server. They do take a few seconds to load and require being PAUSED in order to stop playing.
Open House Modular Run held on December 10 2016 at Carleton Place Arena.                         Link: Open House Modular Run
Shows: 2016 - 2017
Toy & Collectable Show & Sale at Civitian Hall Almonte, Ontario held on February 4 2017.      Link: Toy & Collectable
Carleton Place Home & Fashion Show April 9 2017.                                                                        Link: Carleton Place Arena
3rd Annual Model Train Show June 3 & 4 2017 Arnprior.                                                               Link:
Lambs Down Park Festival Carleton Place June 17 2017:                                                              Link: Lambs Down Park Festival
Shows: 2017-2018
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Exciting NEWS. Our Club now has defined some shows which can be found under “Show Highlights”. As we forge ahead, some shows we had partcipated in last year and who had expressed to us they wanted us back, has not contacted as yet. Details when available. This Year I have created a NEW Facebook Page for Advertising Our Club Shows NOW under development. As the Media Manager, I had created a Poster for our recent OPEN HOUSE show which has held on February 17th 2018. I announced this my New FB page, as well as circulated this poster on social media platforms: Carleton Place Social, and Downtown Carleton Place.