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Rail History in Carleton Place: Continued
Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) closed the Roundhouse in 1936 in order to amalgamate services in Smiths Falls now  the new divisional point as it had a double track system. In 1940 The Canadian Wool Growers purchased the  roundhouse. In the top left photo from a excavation project, one can see the remains of the former turntable which  serviced 36 stalls.  The Transcontinental Rail Line which connect the East coast to the West coast, was operated by Canadian Pacific  Railway until 1996. CPR put the line up for lease and in 2000 and American company was interested. The new company “Ottawa Valley Railroad” (OVR) started operations in 2001 from Smiths Falls to North Bay.  By 2009 a world economic downturn occurred and CPR moved all traffic from the OVR onto it’s Montreal - Toronto  corridor to keep their employees busy. This resulted in very little traffic along the OVR route, with the last revenue train  heading east in April 2009. By December 2009, the “Ottawa Valley Railroad” broke the lease with Canadian Pacific Railroad.  The CPR saw no use for this line as it was not making any money, so it applied for abandonment to the Government. In  May 2011 CPR was granted abandonment status and by September 2011 the dismantle of this rail line began to extract rail  from Mattawa, Ontario back to Smiths Falls. It was divided into two sections east & west and the start point was at  MP80 at Meath.
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This CPR  rail line was part of the Transcontinental rail system, it was a very sad day when rail cars passed through the  many communities carrying ribbon rails destination Manitoba from Meath. The process was a long one as approximately  285 miles of rail had to be pulled up. It was all ribbon rail up the valley and the Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) train loaded  1550ft sectioned lengths for a destination in Manitoba. The full train took 9 stings or 9 miles of track.  The photos on the left show a excavator in April 2013 ripping sectioned rail out deemed scrap through Carleton Place. The  sectioned rail ran from Almonte into Smiths Falls so rail power was no longer required.  So in January 13 2013 saw the very last locomotive CPR 3041 call at Carleton Place to retrieve four gondolas of scrap. It was an awful feeling as the train headed out and eventually disappeared behind the highway 7 bridge.  The end of an era as the train will never come back. In 2015 a group from Renfrew Ontario, purchased the line from Smiths Falls,Ontario to Mattawa, Ontario for $500,00 from the CPR . The destiny of the line future is now a trail sometime  in 2017 or 2018. Part of this trial from SmithsFalls to 10th line of Beckwith will be open I was informed by December 2016.  Delays are due to railway road bed inspection and fixing any contaminated areas before being open to the public. previous previous