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The Model Railroad Hobby has been around for many years and is followed by many, in all kind of RR scales with the most popular being “N” and “HO”. It is hoped that as our MVAR Club members can show you the FUN by Our Club Shows and the ones we are invited to attend. Although we are trying to get the youth involved, it is our policy to try to exclude them in photos and videos of our shows as these are publicized onto YOUTUBE. If you encounter a concern contained from within one of our Public Shows Presentations, kindly email the Webmaster address found in Contacts.   
Used with permission - John Rummimg Photo Australia Modular Layouts comes in many different forms as outlined in the above display. This is N Scale.
February 17 2018 - Event February 17 2018 - Event In the past one might venture to Almonte, from Pakenham or Carleton  Place, Ontario to see a set of Monuments placed near the CPR  Transcontinental Railway as trains would run by.  Well today the railway tracks have been torn up from 2011 to 2013  leaving a Lanark County walking & Snowmobile trail.  The worst train disaster happened here in December 27 1942. A passenger train missed the STOP SIGNAL at Pakenham and continued onwards east only to slam into a troop train stopped at the Passenger Station.  It is hoped that this will continue to be remebered as years goes by as lack of trains, just might diminish the significance. Many lives were lost.  Did you know:                  THE ALMONTE TRAIN WRECK Archived  Shows 2017 Archived  Shows 2017
April 14 & 15 2018 - Event April 14 & 15 2018 - Event June 2 & 3 2018 - Event June 2 & 3 2018 - Event June ???? 2018 - Event June ???? 2018 - Event
MVAR Open House
MVAR Lambs Down Festival
MVAR @ The 4th Annual Arnprior Train Show
MVAR Home & Fashion Show
August ???? 2018 - Event August ???? 2018 - Event
MVAR @ Smiths Falls Railway Museum
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