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MVAR Social Gatherings of our Members (Not club sponsored)  Come Out and Join Us: Saturday	 Many of our members meet for breakfast in  the back room of the Gourmet Restaurant  located just outside of Carleton Place on  Saturday mornings.  The usual arrival time is about 7:00am, and  departure is around 9:00am. Bring your railroad  questions and discussions, as there is usually  are quite a range of knowledge and experience around the table.The restaurant is located on Hwy #7, just east of  Franktown Rd., beside the Dairy Queen.   Also Come Out and Join Us: Wednesday In Almonte, Ontario at Second Scoops at 9am.  Good conversation and coffee all about the trains.   All Aboard. March 11 2017 - Few members Breakfast at the Gourmet Homepage previous previous
Meetings Held at The Carleton Place Arena 75 Neelin Street 6:30 to 9pm When: September to May Every 2nd Thursday - Modular Nights  (N T-Trak) Every 4th Thursday - (HO2GO) NO meetings in December, or June.     Summer: July & August every 2nd Tuesday’s