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Webmaster: As this photo conveys,  I am your artist who paints your ideas  onto the Web Page.  I can only make the Website as interesting as you want it to be.  I require your inputs to make it all happen.  This is YOUR SHOWCASE Social Media: Many of our activities are around the Members having Model RR  FUN.  The creation of graphics to enhance this great club of ours is good Media Advertising.   Your recent Business Card is an extension  of this Website, which now you can share with others. All Aboard The WEB Express
MVAR Rail Club Hobby for all ages
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I have created this simple document which was successful at our OPEN HOUSE held on February 17 2018. I have copies in Black & White if you wishto have some to hand outs. Many of these will be left at Lark Spur Train Store in Merrickviile, Ontario  after March 5 2018 at the request of owner Jeff Trew. Jeff mentioned that many chaps are coming into the store and looking for local clubs. Our club likes to grow and we are all ambassadors in the promotion of this fine MVAR Club. Thank You