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Webmaster: As this photo conveys,  I am your artist who paints your ideas  onto the Web Page.  I can only make the Website as interesting as you want it to be.  I require your inputs to make it all happen.  This is YOUR SHOWCASE Social Media: Many of our activities are around the Members having Model RR  FUN.  The creation of graphics to enhance this great club of ours is good Media Advertising.   Your recent Business Card is an extension  of this Website, which now you can share with others. WEBSITE:  Our initial Website was released on  February 8 2017. Here is a Benchmark  form, from a survey conducted which  I thank the Participants.  Ratings are good but I strive for better. Websites should be ACTIVE All Aboard The WEB Express
For my Media side of this great Website, I certainly enjoy going to our club Modular Nights and the many Shows were asked to participate in and take many photos and videos. This is the Best of Showcasing our Membership. In the past though, I have encountered problems with the videos not being playing properly within the Website. Solution YOUTUBE. Intention of the logo design back in February 2017 is now a reality at the beginning of each video event. Once on Youtube the generated link is place onto Website in appropriate area as you have reviewed.
MVAR CLUB Hobby for all ages
View videos directly on Youtube or here on this Website. Certainly the way of the future.